Sharing good design

When a client commissions a new architect designed bespoke home one would expect they would be keeping  it all to themselves but a new interesting scheme in England is inviting the public to rent amazing award winning homes for weekend breaks.

Living Architecture ( ) has selected some of the most well known and beautiful retreats in the UK and are sharing them with the public. It is fantastic the general public can enjoy great architecture up close and thus will hopefully encourage more to embrace innovative design solutions for new homes. However it is reasonable to wonder the real motivation behind homes like these. All of these buildings have  been designed by well known architects and have won prestigous architecture awards. One would presume they were commissioned to meet the needs of a client who needed a home but for whatever reason are now opening their doors to the general public. All of the houses are beautiful in their own way and genuinely respond to the context in which they are set but one would wonder if they were built specifically as attractions or meet a genuine housing need? Whatever the reason it is an interesting concept and one would hope will generate enhanced excitement amongst the public for bespoke architect designed homes. We just might have to pencil in an office weekend away in one over the summer !!

716 Dune House Room for London41

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