Hill House Begins To Emerge

We are currently building a large family home on a rural site in East Cork which is thankfully running smoothly. We are currently ahead of programme thanks to a very resourceful and accommodating contractor and we are also coming within the project budget with very few unforeseen elements to the project to date. On approaching the design for the site it was critical we responded sympathetically to the sloping site and produced a design which evolved through careful site analysis. On submitting our plans for planning approval unfortunately the planners did not view our proposals favourably and threatened to refuse the design unless we relocated it elsewhere on the site, 15m forward of its proposed position in fact. As we were designing a house for a sloping site this move would have meant the design was wholly unsuitable and would involve a complete re-design.

26 DSCF2913

Through an extensive model making process and a 3-d drawing studies we were able to demonstrate to the planners that actually what we were proposing was sympathetic, well integrated and therefore a low impact building. After much deliberation (and admission that they did not initially fully understand the design) we were granted approval without any alterations required.

Sheanliss (2) DSCF3716 DSCF3705

Relieved and somewhat vindicated we have since pushed forward with the project to a point where we intend to complete the house in the summer months. As the form of the house now starts to emerge from the hill we feel it will really become embedded & integrate successfully with the site. We are getting excited about the coming months when it all comes together & we are just thankful the planners change of heart meant this design is now a reality and didn’t end up on the cutting room floor !

Hill House 01

For more information on this project please take a look at The Hill House project page on our website; http://www.simarchitecture.com/hill-house.html


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