Renzo Piano designs 2m x 2m microhouse

Starchitect Renzo Piano whose most high profile building ‘The Shard’ recently opened in London has completely changed direction with his latest creation; A 2m x 2m x 2m micro house known as ‘Diogene’. Piano is a Pritzker prize winner and has been on top of the architecture tree since The inside out Pompidou Centre was built in the late 1970s.

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However he has long admitted a love for small housing and his latest creation could not be much smaller. According to Piano ‘Diogene is not an emergency accommodation, but a voluntary place of retreat. It is supposed to function in various climate conditions, independent of the existing infrastructure, as a self-sufficient system. The required water is collected by the house itself, cleaned and reused. The house supplies its own power and the necessary platform is minimised. Renzo Piano emphasises its aspect of “spiritual silence”. “Diogene provides you with what you really need and no more,”

Diogene_2013_0001771D Diogene_2013_0001771F Diogene_2013_00017720 Diogene_2013_00017723 Diogene_AssonomEsploso_00017725

Described by Piano as “the final result of a long, long journey partially driven by desires and dreams, but also by technicality and a scientific approach,” Diogene was commissioned by  Swiss furniture company Vitra to be installed on its campus in Weil am Rhein, Germany.


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